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company news about The development prospect of invisible grills

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Company News
The development prospect of invisible grills
Latest company news about The development prospect of invisible grills

The development prospect of invisible grills:

In order to ensure the safety of people and property, many cities in our country have begun to have metal anti-theft nets like cages. These measures not only bring safety to the owners locally, but also leave unsafe hidden dangers to the society and ourselves. But this kind of passive prevention only seems to be safe and solid, but in fact, there are many hidden dangers. It first affects the image of the city, and once there is a fire, it is difficult for firefighters to treat it in time, which endangers the safety of the residents. Secondly, the long-term wind and rain, aging and corrosion are likely to cause high-altitude falling objects and innocent people. In addition, even if the traditional anti-theft network is installed, people who enter the room to kill their lives will be killed Things happen again and again. According to the data of the public security department, thieves can break into the net in three minutes, with a high rate of damage and no one knows. It is the most primitive and backward preventive measure. Therefore, it is imperative to dismantle the traditional anti-theft net. Dozens of cities have legislated to forcibly dismantle the traditional metal anti-theft net. What's more, when disasters such as fire and earthquake occur, it seriously blocks the escape way and causes heavy casualties. Therefore, the "iron cage" has become the key "encirclement and suppression" object of image projects in large and medium-sized cities in China, because of the shadow of the traditional anti-theft window Make the city look better and hinder the escape. At present, the provincial level urban construction committee has forcibly removed the anti-theft windows on both sides of the existing main road. Because the traditional anti-theft windows are rusty many years later, they are afraid of falling and hurting passers-by, and the fire alarm hinders the escape and fire fighting. Rust water affects the surface of buildings and even the landscape of buildings. The product of Bailing full intelligent invisible safety protection net is the best substitute for the traditional anti-theft window because it does not rust permanently and does not affect the landscape. With the promotion and popularization of national intelligent buildings, the anti-theft alarm system is also a part of it. Therefore, the market demand is quite large. The intelligent invisible security protection (theft) net developed by bailing company is a new type of building security product, which is used to install in windowsill, balcony and other places to provide security, beauty and anti-theft for home. It is a new concept of home security in the 21st century. It is mainly composed of aluminum profile, steel wire rope, fixed parts and alarm system. Aluminum profile is used for fixed installation on the wall. It is made of special ultra-fine high strength stainless steel wire wound in series and assembled. The diameter of the steel wire is 1.8mm. Ultra-fine invisible. (at present, 2.0-2. - 2.5-3.0-3.5-4.0mm and other diameters are successively launched according to the needs.) it is excellent for maintaining the appearance of urban buildings. It is wrapped with high-voltage insulated steel wire and can be connected with modern home or commercial telephone security alarm. It adopts Design principle of power-off alarm. Humanized design breaks down the depression of "cage + birdcage" type anti-theft window; at the same time, it combines the fashion design of smart home, and adds the protection function while anti-theft, so the anti-theft coefficient is higher. From different perspectives, bailing intelligent invisible protection network meets the life needs of customers and becomes the latest type of family safe living preferred product. "Timely" is the biggest summary of the company's products. In the natural transformation process of birdcage and bailing anti-theft net, this product has great market potential. We firmly believe that in the next few years, bailing anti-theft (protection) network will enter hundreds of millions of families like the anti-theft door, and become an essential security supporting facilities for thousands of families. After more than ten years of development, the products have been radiated from coastal cities to provincial capitals, and then to prefecture level counties and cities. With the continuous development of China's real estate, the continuous rise of high-rise buildings, the continuous establishment of garden style residential quarters, and the continuous urbanization, the demand for invisible protective network products is huge. Many hospitals, kindergartens, and schools in the county are also making large and small safety protection projects With the installation of the invisible protective net, more and more teams of installation and Entrepreneurship of the invisible protective net will be built. This is an era of miracles. With your grasp of the opportunity, I believe that the cause of the invisible protective net of lark will help you to go to a higher level and create a better tomorrow!

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