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company news about Balcony intelligent invisible grills

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Company News
Balcony intelligent invisible grills
Latest company news about Balcony intelligent invisible grills

Balcony intelligent invisible grilles


Intelligent invisiblegrills is a new type of building security product installed in windows,balconies and other places to provide homes with protections such asprotection, theft prevention, and anti-fall objects. It integrates manyadvantages such as safety, beauty and practicality. It represents the latestconcept of home security in the 21st century. Choosing an invisible invisiblegrills depends on three aspects: first is to see if the brand of the invisiblegrills is a wellknown brand, because only wellknown brands can guarantee itsquality; second, it depends on the price of the invisible grills, because theamount of invisible grills is very huge, a little bit of the difference willcalculate a small account; the last is to see how the quality of this invisiblegrills? Can you meet your requirements?Therefore, choosing a big brand, goodquality and affordable iinvisible grills brand is undoubtedly the mostaffordable.


1. Invisible,beautiful, fashionable, practical, does not affect the sight and urbanlandscape, can make full use of the effective space of the balcony, usingimported 316 stainless steel wire, plus a layer of transparent polymer nylon,will never rust. It will become a beautiful landscape outside your window


2. Meet therequirements of the fire protection environment, with a diameter of 2mm. Whendanger occurs, it can be quickly dismantled within one minute without hinderingescape.


3. Humanizeddesign, intelligent stealth protection anti-theft window has a disconnectionalarm function. When a thief cuts the wire, the site will immediately scream120 dB. At the same time, the disconnection detector will emit infrared signalsto the alarm host Automatically dial 6 sets of phone numbers preset by users inadvance, including the phone of the property security center, the mobile phonesof the owners and their families, the fixed line, the PHS, and the phone of thelocal police station.


4. Each steel wirehas a load bearing capacity of more than 85 kilograms and an overall bearingload of more than 110 kilograms, which greatly enhances home security. Naughtychildren in the home can play on the balcony and the window at will. Does notblock the interior


5. It can preventflower pots and valuable clothes from falling and hurting pedestrians.

In most areas ofChina, invisible grills have not been used, so invisible grills currently havea broad market.

Bailing hasproposed the manufacturer of the invisible grills concept. In many years ofresearch and development, it has pioneered the concept of a new type of invisiblegrills. With large-scale production equipment and technical support, it is alarge-scale invisible grills material production base in South China.

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