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company news about Answers to several questions about Invisible grills? (Necessary for novices)

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You have certainly been more than just a regular supplier for us. So it’s been a real pleasure doing business with you.

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We are proud of your high quality invisible grills, we didn't receive complains from our customers for many years, and your service is the fastest.Nice to do business with you.

—— Christer(Thailand)

Your always response our request very fast with your professional advice. 8 years business relationship is worthy!

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Thank you very much for the fast shipping. Hope for future successful cooperation.

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Thank you very much for the fast reply. and the shipments are quickly.Hope for future successful cooperation.

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We are proud of your high quality invisible grills, your service is the fastest.Nice to do business with you.

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You are a nice sale and professional invisible grilles . We will do business with you all the time.

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Company News
Answers to several questions about Invisible grills? (Necessary for novices)
Latest company news about Answers to several questions about Invisible grills? (Necessary for novices)

Guangzhou DaoYe Metal Trade Co., Ltd.( DY invisible grills) is specializesin the development and marketing of invisible grills products. Based on morethan ten years of continuous development. DY invisible grills  has customers allover the country. The products are exported to East and East Asia and SouthAmerica and ect. It is recommended that new customers continue to join.Understand, we will answer the questions and answers that are still there, andhope to be helpful to you and develop together! Unknown, please leave a messageor contact us in charge.

1. What is the invisiblegrills?

The invisiblegrills also known as the invisible anti-theft net, is made of fixed aluminumprofiles, and the steel wires are drawn into a mesh shape. Because the steelwires are small, it is not obvious from a distance, so that the invisibleeffect is achieved! The product is mainly suitable for the security protectionof highrise building balcony windows. Because of its invisibility, fireprevention, beauty and safety, it is generally welcomed by modern families andis the best substitute for traditional iron-aluminum-stainless steel anti-theftnets.

2. What are thecharacteristics of invisible grills?

Four characteristicsof invisible grills.They are invisible, fireproof, beautiful and safe.

Stealth:Becausethe fixed aluminum profile is small in size and the steel wire is small, theproduct is installed in the distance, and it looks as if nothing is installed,so the effect is invisible.

Fire prevention:Thedesign concept of the product originated from a fire at first, because peopleinside could not get out after the fire in the traditional iron windows of homeimprovement, and people outside couldn't get in, and the rescue time wasdelayed, creating a disaster! The invisible grills consists of small steelwires, which can be cut off in a few seconds in case of an emergency, quicklyescape, and rescue can also be carried out quickly!

Aesthetics:Thebeauty of the product is due to the invisible effect of the product. Installingthis product does not affect the architectural landscape. Standing in the roomalso does not obstruct the view, and the beautiful view outside can also beseen.


The productis mainly suitable for high-rise balcony and window security protection, whichcan effectively prevent children from falling and falling at high altitudes,prevent the fall of clothing, vases, etc., slow down the elderly's fear ofheights, etc. At the same time, it can connect an alarm to effectively preventtheft. happened!

3. What should I pay attention to when choosing an invisible grills?

Theinstallation ofinvisible grills often enters amisunderstanding, thinking that the thicker the wire, the safer it is. In fact,in terms of aesthetics, the smaller the wire, the better the invisible effectand the better the visual effect. Therefore, when choosing an invisible grills,the most important thing is to pay attention to the product. For the quality ofaluminum, you need to take a thicker material for fixing the aluminum profile.If possible, builtin fixing parts, and also use stainless steel reel. The wireis best to use a wire of 304 or above. The diameter of the wire is moderate. Don't blindly pursue thick, Of course, it is also important to choose a goodbrand. DY invisible grills has been engaged in this industry for about 20 years. As aleader in the industry, it is trustworthy!

4, the marketpotential of invisible grills?

The invisible grillshas a history of nearly 15 years from its earliest appearance to the present.The products have developed from coastal metropolises to provinces and citiesand counties. The products are mainly suitable for the security protection of high-rise balcony windows. With a house under construction, there is a market for theproduct. With the continuous rise of high-rise garden-type elevator rooms andthe continuous improvement of people's lives, traditionaliron aluminum stainless steel can no longer meet the requirements, and relatedpolicies have been announced. For architectural landscape, balcony windows Itis forbidden to install traditional iron-aluminum stainless steel to become thegeneral trend, but the fall of high-altitude debris and children'shigh-altitude incidents continue to occur. The safety protection of balconywindows in high rise buildings is an inevitable topic, and invisible grillsmeet various requirements. It has become the first choice for the safetyprotection of balcony windows. It can be said that as long as high-rise realestate is under construction, the product must be installed. In today's hotreal estate, the market potential of the product is naturally infinite.

5. How to join us?

DY invisible grills specializes in the development and production of fullsupporting products of invisible grills. The company mainly developsdistributors in various places and provides OEM services for various brands. Insimple terms, you can just ship the product. The market is mainly developed byourselves. We provide high-quality products at good prices, without joiningfees, joining at no cost, allowing the use of company brands and providingrelated qualifications!

6. What does thecompany do?

Our company is mainly engaged in the product development and marketing of invisible grills,providing all the supporting and related accessories of the above products,thank you.

7. I want to makean invisible grills. What kind of products do I usually send?

First of all, youneed to choose the thickness of the fixed aluminum profile, the materialspecifications of the steel wire, and other accessories will be shipped ondemand.

8 How does yourcompany's invisible grills ship? Are there any regulations?

Hello, first of all, you choose aluminum and steel wire specifications. Because aluminum is 6 meters too long, usually 20-30 pcs are bundled into a bundle. The stainess steelwire is rolled in a roll. One roll is about 15-19 kgs, and two rolls packed in a bag. Due to the long aluminum material, you must consider whether the logisticscan arrive when you ship. More remote customers recommend cutting into 3 metersfor delivery. The minimum shipment is a bundle of aluminum and a wire bag,thank you!

9. I want to makeyour company's products, but I don't understand. Can I visit the company tolearn?

Of course, welcome.The company is located in a more convenient location. There are subway buses atall major stations near the company, Guangzhou Metro Line 3 to Dashi StationExit A, and Metro Line 2 to Huijiang Station Exit A. Just call and come.Contact the person in charge first for reception. The company works on weekendsexcept major festivals. Welcome to come and inspect!

10. My family wantsto install your company's products. Can I provide services?

The companymainly provides product materials and related packages in batches. If you wantto install at home, you can contact your company's distributor to provide you with services. Thank you.

11. Can I ship to amore remote place in the Mainland?

The company'sdelivery is a special car to the provincial logistics park for delivery, andthere are special lines to arrive throughout the country, because aluminum islonger, if the location is remote, or if you want to transit in the centralcity of the province, it is recommended to cut the aluminum to 3 meters Ordelivery below 4.2 meters. Good luck!

12 Why is #304wires still magnetic?

Many customers areasking why 304 is also magnetic. At present, the steel wire circulating on themarket includes galvanized steel wire, 202 steel wire, 304 and 316 steel wire.Galvanized wire itself is iron wire that has undergone galvanization andanti-rust treatment, so it will have and Iron is magnetic, 202 non-magneticsteel wire is a more common type of carbon steel wire is non-magnetic, and 304and 316 as a higher nickel alloy have a certain weak magnetic. Everyone knowsthat iron is magnetic in minerals, and iron is susceptible to rust, so everyonethinks that magnetic stainless steel is not good. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.Thereis a chemical substance in minerals. Magnetic, that is-nickel, nickel is a verystable chemical element, and at the same time as an important indicator of 304and 316 steel wire, 304 national standard is more than 8%, 316 steel nationalstandard is 10% -13%, The chemical composition determines the product's certainmagnetic properties. For example, the nickel-containing products that everyonecomes into contact with daily are one-dollar coins. A coin will not rust. Even ifit is soaked in water in the adult, like the wishing pool of some temples,everyone likes to throw some. The coin is inside, and the one yuan coin ismagnetic, everyone can try it. Therefore, you can rest assured that whether thesteel wire meets the standard product, it is best to use professional potionsto identify it. Of course, if you have special requirements, you can also askthe manufacturer to produce non-magnetic 304/316 steel wires in batches. Afterundergoing a special demagnetization treatment, the cost will be higher!

13. What are thespecifications ofinvisible grills?

The companycurrently produces most of the steel wire products in the market, according tothe material there are galvanized, 202, 304 and 316 steel wires,

Among them,galvanized wire has to be customized because of poor material. Divided bydiameter: 1.55, 1.85, 2. 0, 2.3, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5mm, etc. According to the productstructure, there are 6X7 + 1, 7X7, 12 + 1 and so on. At present, mainly 12 + 1steel wire is used. At the same time, we provide rubber rope without lightwire.

14. What stylesdoes the company have for aluminum?

The companydevelops and produces commonly used styles in the market. There are more thanten types according to thickness and thickness, mainly arc, prism, square,etc., and the colors are milky, sandy, black, and gray. There are four kinds ofgreen, and a large amount can be sprayed according to the requirements of thecolor plate. For details, please consult the relevant person in charge. Thankyou!

15. I won'tinstall. Do I need special training?

Productinstallation is simple, as long as common tools such as impact drills, handdrills, etc. can be installed, the delivery will be delivered with installationinstructions, pictures and text, at a glance, if you are engaged in stainlesssteel, screens, curtains, the tools are Ready-made, of course, if you have timeto welcome to the factory to observe and explain to the model one by one, theproduct installation will involve high-altitude operations, so the safety beltsmust be configured, safety first!

16. Will a wire asthin as this have an anti-theft effect?

The product ismainly suitable for the security protection of high-rise balcony windows.Therefore, the product is mainly protection. The alarm can be because theproduct can be connected to the alarm device. The product uses thedisconnection alarm as the design principle. The anti-theft effect is called"physical defense", and the invisible grills is alarmed by theconnected alarm device. If the wire is cut, the corresponding alarm device willissue an alarm sound or notify the set phone to achieve the warningnotification For the purpose, we call it "civil defense", so theproduct is more humane and intelligent, but at the same time the product ismainly installed in high-rises, and it is difficult for thieves to climb. Nowthe garden-style community property management is also better, and securityitself There is a barrier, so now the invisible protective nets are installedto prevent children from falling and clothes falling. Many owners of anti-theftdevices choose not to install them.

17, What is theproduct wire compartment?

The standardcompartment of the product is 5cm. It is scientifically proven that 5cm is themost reasonable in terms of product strength and aesthetics. Of course, youhave special requirements and there are a certain number of products that canbe customized for other compartments, such as 6cm. More people make it!

18. When is thegeneral delivery time of the company?

Because the companyis a special car to the provincial logistics park for delivery, the deliverytime is every day at about 11 at noon, so please place the order early, smallparts, wire delivery must be placed before 11 o'clock. It is often found thatmany customers often place orders without any materials. When there is not muchaluminum, place the order as soon as possible, and try to avoid shipping one ortwo days before the big holiday, because the traffic is large on holidays, andthe journey will increase arrivals are often delayed, and there is also a peakseason for logistics. Although the company is delivered to the logisticscompany on the same day, the logistics may not be loaded on the same day, soplease plan to stock up to avoid unnecessary losses!

If you don'tunderstand, please feel free to contact us. The company will answer you indetail one by one, the cooperation hotline: 86-15914233525.

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