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120dB DY Invisible Grille

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120dB DY Invisible Grille

120dB DY Invisible Grille
120dB DY Invisible Grille 120dB DY Invisible Grille 120dB DY Invisible Grille 120dB DY Invisible Grille

Large Image :  120dB DY Invisible Grille

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangzhou
Brand Name: DY Invisible Grille
Model Number: Alarm
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20Bags
Price: 2 USD/PC
Packaging Details: Leather bag Packing
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000000pcs/per month

120dB DY Invisible Grille

Brand Name: DY Invisible Grille Model Number: Alarm
Place Of Origin: Guangzhou MOQ: 20Bags
Packing One Bag: 1 Pc In I Box Packaging Details: Carton Box
Product Size: 90×55×27mm Packing Size: 95×57×33mm
Voltage: 9 V Working Voltage: DC 9V (9V Alkaline Battery)
Used For: Balcony,Window Invisible Grille Alarm Sound Pressure: 120dB
Induction Method: Disconnection Alarm Installation Method: Back Magnetic Type Can Also Be Hung
High Light:

Wire DIY Invisible Grille


Wire DY Invisible Grille

Wire And Cable Anti-Theft Alarm Install On SS Wire Invisible Grille Accessories


Brief description : 


Wire-controlled anti-theft, the anti-theft device control wire is not guarded in the form of channeling.The two ends of the wire are connected to the two ends of the alarm respectively.In the anti-theft process, no matter where the security wire is disconnected at any position, the alarm will alarm loudly.


Invisible grilles won’t rust (but only if you get the right ones)

Invisible grilles are actually made from stainless steel, encased in either plastic or rubber for extra protection. But while stainless steel is not as susceptible to rusting as other metals or alloys, it does rust, depending on what grade it is made up of. Unfortunately, not all stainless steels are made equal. Common stainless steel grades for invisible grilles include 202, 304 and 316. The first two actually do rust after being exposed to the elements for a period of time, while 316 won’t. So make sure you’re getting invisible grilles made from 316 stainless steel.


Technical parameters


1.This product adopts wireless magnetic control and long-distance line control anti-theft, the line control distance can reach up to kilometers, and uses microcomputer technology, which has strong anti-interference ability.

2. Use power supply voltage 9 V, alarm volume 100-120 dB.

3. The electrode consumption is small during the alert process, and a battery can be used for 1 or 2 months in the alert state.




Working voltage: DC 9V (9V alkaline battery)

Alarm sound pressure: 120dB

Induction method: disconnection alarm

Installation method: back magnetic type can also be hung

Product size: 90×55×27mm

Packing size: 95×57×33mm


Picture Showing:


120dB DY Invisible Grille 0


Wire and cable anti-theft: short-circuit the live end of the idle wire and cable and the neutral wire, and then form a closed loop between the two ends of the detection wire and the cable. Turn the switch to the "ON" position. When someone steals the wire and cable, the host will sound the whistle and alarm.

When not in use, set the switch of the main unit to the "OFF" position.

When the sound of the alarm whistle becomes small or fails, please press the "▼" direction to open the battery cover on the panel of the main unit and replace the battery.


Technical performance:


1. Alarm mode: when the detection lead is cut or broken, the host will sound the whistle to alarm.

2. Working voltage: 4.5V DC, use 3 LR44 button batteries.

3. Detection lead: self-matching. It is best to use fine enameled wire.


DY invisible grills is specializes in the development and marketing of invisible grills products. Based on more than ten years of continuous development. DY invisible grills has customers all over the country. The products are exported to East and East Asia and South America and ect. It is recommended that new customers continue to join. Understand, we will answer the questions and answers that are still there, and hope to be helpful to you and develop together! Unknown, please leave a message or contact us in charge.


1. What is the invisible grills?


The invisible grills also known as the invisible anti-theft net, is made of fixed aluminum profiles, and the steel wires are drawn into a mesh shape. Because the steel wires are small, it is not obvious from a distance, so that the invisible effect is achieved! The product is mainly suitable for the security protection of high-rise building balcony windows. Because of its invisibility, fire prevention, beauty and safety, it is generally welcomed by modern families and is the best substitute for traditional iron-aluminum-stainless steel anti-theft nets.


2. What are the characteristics of invisible grills?


Four characteristics of invisible grills.They are invisible, fireproof, beautiful and safe.

Stealth——Because the fixed aluminum profile is small in size and the steel wire is small, the product is installed in the distance, and it looks as if nothing is installed, so the effect is invisible.

Fire prevention—The design concept of the product originated from a fire at first, because people inside could not get out after the fire in the traditional iron windows of home improvement, and people outside couldn't get in, and the rescue time was delayed, creating a disaster! The invisible grills consists of small steel wires, which can be cut off in a few seconds in case of an emergency, quickly escape, and rescue can also be carried out quickly!

Aesthetics-The beauty of the product is due to the invisible effect of the product. Installing this product does not affect the architectural landscape. Standing in the room also does not obstruct the view, and the beautiful view outside can also be seen.

Safety-The product is mainly suitable for high-rise balcony and window security protection, which can effectively prevent children from falling and falling at high altitudes, prevent the fall of clothing, vases, etc., slow down the elderly's fear of heights, etc. At the same time, it can connect an alarm to effectively prevent theft. happened!


3. What should I pay attention to when choosing an invisible grills?


The installation of invisible grills often enters a misunderstanding, thinking that the thicker the wire, the safer it is. In fact, in terms of aesthetics, the smaller the wire, the better the invisible effect and the better the visual effect. Therefore, when choosing an invisible grills, the most important thing is to pay attention to the product. For the quality of aluminum, you need to take a thicker material for fixing the aluminum profile. If possible, built-in fixing parts, and also use stainless steel reel. The wire is best to use a wire of 304 or above. The diameter of the wire is moderate. Do n’t blindly pursue thick, Of course, it is also important to choose a good brand. Bailing has been engaged in this industry for about 20 years. As a leader in the industry, it is trustworthy!


4, the market potential of invisible grills?


The invisible grills has a history of nearly 15 years from its earliest appearance to the present. The products have developed from coastal metropolises to provinces and cities and counties. The products are mainly suitable for the security protection of high-rise balcony windows. With a house under construction, there is a market for the product. With the continuous rise of high-rise garden-type elevator rooms and the continuous improvement of people's lives, traditional iron-aluminum-stainless steel can no longer meet the requirements, and related policies have been announced. For architectural landscape, balcony windows It is forbidden to install traditional iron-aluminum stainless steel to become the general trend, but the fall of high-altitude debris and children's high-altitude incidents continue to occur. The safety protection of balcony windows in high-rise buildings is an inevitable topic, and invisible grills meet various requirements. It has become the first choice for the safety protection of balcony windows. It can be said that as long as high-rise real estate is under construction, the product must be installed. In today's hot real estate, the market potential of the product is naturally infinite.


5. How to join?


DY Invisible Grille Factory specializes in the development and production of full supporting products of invisible grills. The company mainly develops distributors in various places and provides OEM services for various brands. In simple terms, you can just ship the product. The market is mainly developed by ourselves. We provide high-quality products at good prices, without joining fees, joining at no cost, allowing the use of company brands and providing related qualifications!


Casement or sliding invisible grilles are installed on a casement window or a sliding window (or door!), which allows you to open your windows normally without any restriction. Because they require additional structures to fix them in place during installation, they tend to make your windows appear bulkier. However, it’s a popular choice for homeowners who want or require their windows to be accessible, such as in the case of older HDB flats, where the air-conditioning compressor is located just outside the bedroom window.


Securing DY Invisible Grille Factory at Guangzhou.


Having Goodview without compromising safety


Balcony without roof?Need not to worry!


We are here for you!


Invisible Grills Stealth&Beautiful Appearance

Take care of your family


The grilles can however be cut using a wire cutter, so be aware that invisible grilles shouldn’t be used for deterring whoever’s outside from coming in e.g. burglars, but rather to keep the occupants inside the home safe.​


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